A new casino to be inaugurated in Argentina

According to an information released by Grupo Boldt authorities, it will be held the first casino opening in the province of Santa Fe, when Melincué gambling venue will be officially inaugurated today (Friday, 28) by Governor Jorge Obeid.

Obeid confirmed that the facilities will be inaugurated on September 28th, a long time before the deadline set during the call for the tender process.

The casino development features an area of 4,320 sqm with a three-star hotel with 40 rooms, a convention center for 500 people and a parking space for 200 cars. Besides, it has tennis courts, a swimming pool and an exclusive zone in the lagoon with yatchs for visitors. It will generate 160 jobs, without considering security and cleaning.

Daniel Sorrequieta, Head of the Lottery of the Province of Santa Fe, commented that “the development has been concluded before the deadline planned, with a budget that added a series of constructions that exceed usUSD 14.5 million”, and remarked that “this development is a pride both for the governor Jorge Obeid as well as for all the people of Santa Fe”.