Portuguese private operators want to build a casino in the new Lisbon Airport

The construction of a casino in the airport to be built in Alcochete or in Ota will be considered by several societies and companies interested in the new international airport of Lisbon.

The construction of a casino in the new international airport of Lisbon is a possibility that is being taken into account among businessmen and groups interested in the operation of this infraestructure, following a new and innovative trend in the most modern airports.

The study of a master plan for the project –which was first to be located in Ota- is in charge of Augusto Mateus. He will just suggest in which areas should logistic operations be located, as well as the offices, hotels and recreational places. His model has the reference of the Airport of Schipol, in Amesterdão, which has a casino operating in it.

According to the indications of this master plan, private consortiums that aim to build and operate the new airport are studying two possible solutions to integrate the society specialized in the gambling sector. “The law only allows Estoril-Sol: open a division of the capital in the consortium that will operate the airport or decide to sub-license the casino management activity later”, said the same source.

“The inclusion of casinos in the airports is one of the clear trends of profitability and ‘non aviation’ business development in the airport sector worldwide”, said a specialized councelor in the sector.

„In Portugal, could be Ota or Alcochete, there’s a clear potencial for a business of this kind, which should bring an important contribution to the management of such airport“, comments the article.