High commendation in Spain: Gauselmann Group elected foreign company of the year

Malaga/Lübbecke. Every year, the “Torremolinos Expo“ (Andalusian Gaming and Gambling Trade Show) becomes meeting place and arena for everybody wanting to successfully operate in the Spanish sector of coin-operated amusement machines with and without prize. This year, too, it took place in Malaga/Spain from 28 to 30 March. Gauselmann subsidiary MERKUR GAMING exhibited its successful products such as products based on the sophisticated LED or multicolor technology. However, for the Gauselmann Group in general this trade show held yet another highlight: AZAR, the oldest Spanish specialist magazine of the industry, published for 23 years, conferred the award “foreign company of the year” to the company from the German region of East Westphalia. The award was granted based on a unanimous vote of the jury.

Thus, the first tradeshow day gained special significance for entrepreneur Michael Gauselmann. The award in the form of a silver tablet was conferred during a solemn lunch ceremony. Michael Gauselmann had the opportunity not only of saying thank you in Spanish, but also to report some special dates in the year 2007. The Gauselmann Group will be celebrating its 50 years anniversary this summer. Michael Gauselmann has been working in the company for 25 years and for 12.5 years there has been a very successful cooperation of the subsidiaries of the Gauselmann Group and the Spanish company Sente S.A. with entrepreneur Felix Hernán at its head.

The success story began in 1995. In September of said year, when the Gauselmann Group for the first time presented the AWP machine “Cashline“ at the Madrid trade show. The machine of the game makers from East Westphalia caused a stir in the South European market. The innovative gaming system coupled with high gaming revenues was a hit. In only a few months some 9,000 machines were delivered and made the Gauselmann Group the biggest foreign supplier of gaming machines in Spain within a very short time. Spanish manufacturers and other foreign manufacturers alike tried to catch a share of the pie. Many products seemed to grow more and more similar to the AWP “Cashline.” Today, the “Cashline“ gaming concept has become the standard in Spain. The great acceptance of the product by the players contributed decisively to the recovery of the Spanish AWP market and was beneficial for all market participants: players, operators, competitors on the manufacturing level, and of course the Gauselmann Group. Therefore, for Michael Gauselmann the Merkur sun is not only Germany’s favorite symbol of luck and win, but has also become the most successful symbol of luck in Spain.

The silver tablet bears the inscription (here translated into English):

The magazine AZAR, the oldest publishers of the professional press in the Spanish gaming industry honors the company Gauselmann Group as foreign company of the year. The vote of the jurors at the meeting in Madrid on 11 December 2006 was unanimous.

Espelkamp, April 30, 2007

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