Casinos Austria expands its activities in Latin America

Austrians will expand their participation in Argentine company Leisure & Entertainment from 5 to 60%, while in Chile they will open their own casino in 2008, informed Paul Herzfeld, General Deputy Director of Casinos Austria.

Leisure & Entertainment, in which the Austrian firm has a participation in 2000, currently manages three casinos in the province of Salta, Argentina, and has an exclusive license for all types of games of chance until 2030.

Up to the moment, the Austrian group controls 5% of the local firm, altough it announced it will increase its participation up to a 60 %. The rest of the shares will remain in hands of GBH company, which has its headquarters in Montevideo.

Plans of the European company also include the development of a fourth casino in Salta. Consortium Casinos Austria has 10,000 employees, which administrates 76 casinos in 18 countries, with a turnover of 3200 million euros in 2006.

“In Chile, they are working on the opening of Gran Casino Los Ángeles, with twelve table games, 200 machines and 40 bingo places”, added Casinos Austria executive. This casino will be attached to a four-star hotel and a convention center for 500 people.