Council puts pay to casino plans

A city council has put a stop to more casinos being built in its district.

Nottingham City Council has decided the city’s existing eight casinos provide plenty of opportunities for those who wish to gamble.

Leader of the council, Jon Collins, said he did not think opening more casinos in Nottingham was the right thing to do for the city.

But just 24 miles away in Mansfield, councillors are pushing for casino plans to go ahead.

Mind made up

Mayor of Mansfield, Tony Egginton said a casino would be good for the town’s local economy.

„We don’t have any casinos in Mansfield and this presents an opportunity and that’s what has led us to this decision.

„I promise that if we do get an application, there’ll be a public consultation and we will ensure the site has the correct discipline to make sure we don’t have anti-social behaviour activities and gambling issues,“ he said.

But Mr Collins said that Nottingham City Council would not be changing its mind, despite government backing for more casinos.

„We are not being moralistic and people can gamble in the city if they want to.

„We do not really want to promote gambling and we are not looking to attract one of the proposed super-casinos,“ he said.