insic: Shopware extension available for download

Ahrensburg/Zielona Góra: In cooperation with Crehler Sp., insic presents a Shopware extension for its own age verification system (AVS). The extension integrates seamless into the shop system and benefits from the interaction of the AVS API and the AVS frontend widget. Installation is performed via a download from the Shopware Community Store.

„This is just the beginning of a series of integrations now becoming possible with our new AVS„, states Gunter Fricke, insic’s Managing Director. „This attempt allows to implement reliable and compliant methods of identification and age verification for customers who cannot afford high IT-investments.“

The core of the AVS is a flexible ID-workflow available for different legal environments. Any changes in the process implicitly modify the widget frontend without any interaction with the IT department. This concept allows our partners to optimise any process on-the-fly. Identification is no longer a static boundary for business development, marketing or the legal department. Customer focussed and user specific id methods automatically adopted to the given user-data allow to redefine what we know as „online-identification“.

Be inspired by our mission: providing „game changing“ technology instead of being bound to „best-practise“. See-it, try-it and be-persuaded. Contact us to get an online presentation.

Additional information, lists of available ID-methods etc. are available on our updated website www.insic.com.