EPPA Announcement Update (EPPA – Mickey Finn)

Mickey Finn

As per a previous announcement, Mickey Finn and Tom Gibson stated that in order to bring about closure to the EPPA a draw would be held to disperse the remaining funds of approximately £7,500.

These funds were raised primarily from the Active Members and the Grosvenor Casino Group’s participation in the Associate Membership Program. After conferring with several members, we decided to disperse the money in the form of 15 individual £500 buy-ins toward any of the tournaments being offered during the Victoria Casino’s Summer Event held at the end of June/early July.

The draw was held on Sunday the 24th of March, during the Victoria Casino’s recent British Open Tournament. It was confined to Active Members who have paid the additional £30 membership fee in year 2000.
Players selected must use the prize to enter a tournament but will have the option of nominating another player if they are unable to attend themselves. Absolutely no cash awards will be made. In the event either a player or his/her nominated player fails to attend, alternates have been drawn.
The names of the members, printed on cards and verified against the Active Members List, were placed in a container, mixed, shuffled and drawn. We’d like to express our gratitude to players: Marcel Lüske of Holland, Gary Bush & Mark Best of England and Hans Pfister of Switzerland (2001 EPPA Super Bowl Champion), for assisting us in the draw.

Here is the list of winners and four additional alternates:


Albert Ajuelos (French Polynesia), Jac Arama (England),Maurice Atlani (France), Karim Bazzi (England),Debbie Berlin (England), Seamus Hoban (USA), Athena Jordan (England), Gordon McMahon (Germany), Davood Mehrmand (Germany), Bruno Micchiardi (Spain), Marcus Neuhoffer (Germany), Manuela Seliger (Austria), Jacqueline Skinner (England), Juhlni Tyriseva (Finland), Dan Uzan (France).

Alternates: 1. Klaus Peter Malitte (Germany),2. Sabatino Topa (England), 3. Tuan Kiet Nguyen (Germany), 4. Mickey Finn (Germany).

Note – To the readers of this announcement. If you know any of the members listed here, please inform them of their good fortune and ask them to contact either. Tom Gibson or Mickey Finn