Curfew in place at Red Rock Casino

Summerlin’s newest hot spot is cracking down on underage guests. The new Red Rock Casino says starting Friday it’s going to enforce a strict curfew for anyone under 21 years old.

Several parents we spoke with are applauding the curfew. Many say it will give them peace of mind knowing their kids aren’t hanging out at Red Rock Casino after hours.

Earlier this week the casino sent a letter to people in the Summerlin area, letting them know about a new curfew policy. As of Friday, June 16, no one under 21 is allowed to be on the Red Rock Casino property after 9 PM without a parent or guardian.

Casino reps say since they opened a month ago, they’ve had a big problem with underage people hanging out late at night. Now they’re putting a curfew in place that’s even more strict than the one enforced on the Strip. On the Strip police don’t allow anyone under 18 to be out after 10 PM.

Station Casinos representatives say their curfew will make the property safer and more enjoyable for adults and many parents are all for it.