Legal issues


The government of Valencia, specifically the Regional Treasury, has approved the Bingo Regulations for this Community. The Decree (43/2006) updates existing regulations and adapts the new technological systems, that is to say, suits the bingo offer to present day demands. The Decree regulates the different modes of bingo game, as well as the economic activity related. It equally regulates the development of Simultaneous and Electronic Bingo, adapting the filing system to the new computer systems, it extends the number of machines and terminals per hall and modifies prizes, replacing the accrued prize for the Prima prize. It equally regulates administration time periods, requirements and paper work of facilities, infringement system and sanction modes.


The government of the one-province Autonomous Community of La Rioja has approved the Decree setting the technical features of the B and C-type machines in this Community. Some of the specifications for the B-type machines are: the minimum percentage of prize handout is of 70% of effected stakes; the maximum value of each stake is of 20 cents or €0.20; the minimum time for any game is 5 seconds period, establishing a maximum of 360 stakes in 30 minutes; the use of video means and the authorization of double and triple games. This Decree allows interlinking machines in gaming arcades, whose prize handout will go from a minimum of 600 times and maximum of 2,000 times the value of the simple stake. Gaming halls are equally allowed to install “special B-type” machines with stakes of upto 1.-€uro and prize under 2,000 times the value of the stake.


The government of Cataluña (Catalonya), specifically the Director General of Gaming and his department, has restructured its area involving the General Gaming Management and Administration. This Decree (26/2006) establishes a new Subdirectory for Gaming and General Coordination of Gaming; its duties are: the management, control and performance of the current legislation and its implementation, involving therefore tasks such as revision of proceedings and reports, supervision of the area’s internal work and compliance with regulations. These are some of the objectives of this new official division.

Circulation Guide

The regional government of Andalucía approved the Order by which it modifies the model of the so-named “Circulation Guide”, a mandatory certificate for all gaming machines that is issued by manufacturers. This Order will be mandatory as from three months on.