Vietnam close to legalizing betting on football

Q: Why has the football betting proposal not been submitted at this NA session?

Nguyen Danh Thai (NDT): The proposal has not been fully drafted yet and there are still many issues to be discussed and reviewed.

Football betting is new to Vietnam and so the Committee for Sports and Physical Training, which was entrusted with drafting the regulations by the government, needs more time to consult bookmaking firms from the US, UK, and Singapore.

Q: When will people be able to bet legally in Vietnam?

NDT: Betting will become legal when the government approves the proposal. It may be next year or later.

Q: Once it becomes legal, will Vietnamese be able to bet on leagues in Vietnam and other countries?

NDT: We have suggested many options including [betting on] leagues in both Vietnam and abroad. The government will decide on the issue.

Q: What is the difference between legal and illegal betting?

NDT: Placing bets with firms approved by the government is legal.

Q: Will there be any limit on the amount a person can bet on a game?

NDT: Yes. But the drafting committee has not decided on the exact amount yet.

Q: Who will be permitted to organize the betting? State firms or foreign-invested firms?

NDT: There are many options. We are considering initially cooperating with foreign firms to use their experience and technology. Whatever the option, Vietnamese agencies will be solely in control of the betting activities.