Excellent performance of AGI products at new Casino Lisboa

Austrian Gaming Industries GmbH (AGI), the wholly owned subsidiary of Novomatic Group of Companies, congratulates Casino Lisboa on its grand opening and says thank you for the large order of machines.

When the new Casino Lisboa opened its doors on April 19th 2006 at Lisbon Nations Park, it presented a fascinating combination of entertainment, leisure and culture to its guests. In addition to state-of-the-art gaming entertainment on a large gaming floor with a great variety of slot machines and gaming tables, the new casino offers culinary delights in three restaurants and four bars as well as daily performances of music, theatre and dancing shows.

The leading producer of high-tech gaming equipment, AGI, is represented with its multi-player systems Novo Flying Roulette™ and Novo Multi-Roulette™, which feature a total number of 26 individual touch screen terminals. Casino Lisboa’s gaming floor also includes 45 of the best-selling upright Gaminator® cabinets and 9 cabinets featuring the single-player Roulette game Grand Roulette. Casino Lisboa ordered the Gaminator® machines with AGI’s latest games such as Oliver´s Bar™, First Class Traveller™, Diamond Trio™, Banana Splash™ or Gryphon´s Gold™ all of which can be played in Portuguese language – just one of the reasons for their outstanding popularity among the casino guests.

Summarizing the first month Carlos Campos, responsible for the layout of the gaming floor and the purchase of machines for Casino Lisboa, is very content with his decision: “In the short period of time since the opening, the performance of the Novomatic machines has been as expected, that is, the success of the multi-player systems hasn’t been a surprise for me. In my opinion the Novomatic products are at the moment the only products that guarantee a high level of technical and revenue performance in the Portuguese market. Concerning the video reels’ product performance our expectations have already been exceeded in the first days.”

The multi-player system Novo Flying Roulette™ is a virtual replication of a live Roulette game featuring the same betting options as a classic live Roulette game in a single-zero and/or double-zero configuration, played on individual touch screen terminals. The spinning of the wheel is simulated in a virtual 3-D environment and displayed on a giant plasma screen. The Novo Multi-Roulette™, in contrast, consists of a real fully automated electro-mechanical Roulette wheel secured in an enclosed case in combination with electronic player terminals with touch screen displays. Optionally the wheel action can also be displayed ”live” on a large 61”-screen via a camera that is focussed on the Roulette wheel.

The Portuguese market is a very modern one, featuring some of Europe’s largest casinos like e.g. Casino Estoril, and AGI has been very successful in this market and established its position as a major player – AGI’s machines are to be found in every Portuguese casino. As a pure casino market, a large number of machines in Portugal are already equipped with Ticket In-Ticket Out (TITO) facility, and casino operators are further enhancing TITO installations making Portugal one of the most influential markets for this technology.

“The modern casino structure in Portugal with its high demand for state-of-the-art gaming equipment plays very much to our product technology as it taps the full potential of our portfolio”, says Jens Halle, Managing Director AGI. “We are very pleased with the positive response to our products at the new Casino Lisboa and convinced that our games and multi-player systems will guarantee both maximum entertainment for players and continued outstanding performance and profitability for the operator. We would like to say thank you for the large order of machines and wish the Casino Lisboa prosperity and success for the future.”