A-, B-, C- and D-Type Machines


In the last National Fair of Recreational and Gaming Machines (FER) that was held in Málaga, the most outstanding novelty was the new B4 gaming machine models; they were the highlight of the fair, in which several manufacturers exhibited their new models. These special B4 machines are specifically meant to be installed in bingo halls of Andalucía and are gradually being authorized by the different regional governments, although under different names. The most outstanding national manufacturers were also present at the fair, exhibiting their new video B-type machines; all in all, a great number of different versions of video machines were displayed.

Bingo Machines

After the Andalusian (Andalucía) Regulations allowed the installation of new B4 machines in bingo halls, several manufacturers have had the chance of witnessing the performance of these machines throughout the last quarter of the year. One such case is FB-Metronia, that has passed the trial period of its new B4 model with flying colours in three halls of Andalucía, and is today operating the aforementioned B4 in a total of 11 bingo halls.

New Solution

The world of gaming machines is in continuous development; an example of this is the Andalusian company Servitronic managed by the Soto brothers, that has developed a new solution for its main activity, the marketing of gaming machines, that is to say the sale, distribution, repairs, recycling, etc. As from now on, Servitronic will start assembling the machines, dealing with the manufacturers and applying its own technology (from Cirsa Interactive). It seems obvious that the gaming machines market in Spain implements diverse expansion and diversification formulas.


The government of Canarias (the Canary Islands) has tested and approved the interlinking system (3G platform) produced by IPS and “Electronic Gaming Products” (PEJ) for B and C type machines to be installed in the gaming halls of this region; the system is called Roulette Jackpot. The system was equally authorized in other Autonomous Communities, such as Madrid, Cataluña, Aragón, Andalucía, Navarra, Castilla-La Mancha, Valencia, Galicia, Baleares, and Ceuta and Melilla.


The Vikingos (Vikinggs) model manufactured by the Cirsa-Unidesa group continues its commercial presentations all over Spain, i.e. Andalucía, Galicia, Madrid, Castilla-León, etc. This is a B-type wheel machine with multiple game options and undoubtedly, a sure winner.