Legal issues


Decree 25/2006 of the Cataluña (Catalonia) government modifies criteria applicable to the gaming planning of this Autonomous Community; it also amends the Games and Bets Regional Catalogue. This Decree extends to 4 the number of allowed operating casinos in all the Catalonian territory. The new regulations also change stakes, their different modes, their control, planning and limitations.


Decree 3/2006 of Aragón modifies the Bingo Regulations of this Autonomous Community. Changes introduced are as follows: the determination of percentages for prizes, the establishment of a minimum distance between bingo halls (minimum 1,000 metres from one another), the extension of the period during which a bingo hall must keep audiovisual recordings to 30 days, the entrepreneur’s freedom to employ staff, the life period of personnel professional documents and the renewal possibility of work contracts.


The Regional Finance Ministry of the Murcia Autonomous Community has passed a Resolution (02/26/06) by which it extends the suspension of new permits for operating B-type machines; that is to say, in this region, the offer of AWP gaming machines is limited. New regulations, therefore, extend on terms stated in 2001, not allowing the installation of new type B machines except in the case of replacements and machines to be operated in bingo halls.