A-, B-, C- and D-Type Machines


The new Andalucía Gaming Regulations (Decree of 11/22/06) introduce significant changes, such as: the exclusive right for a one-only operating company per bar or cafeteria, 5- year permits per machine, freedom to install as many machines as one wishes, limitation in the number of machines entering Andalucía from other regions which do not enjoy this freedom and a limitation in the participation of operators from other regions where the number of operating machines is restricted. Regarding deposits, the new Regulations set security at 60,000 €uros for manufacturers and/or importers, 6,000 €uros for traders, and in the case of operators, those with 1 to 5 units will pay 6,000 €uros, amount increasing to 50,000 €uros when operating between 101 and 150 machines, 100,000 €uros for 151 to 200 units… companies providing connection services will have to make a deposit of 60,000 €uros; security for arcades is established at 10,000 Euros, etc. Regarding machines, the new classification stands as follows: A1 or purely recreational machines (to be operated in casinos, arcades, bingo halls, bars, cafeterias…), A2 or voucher recreational machines (casinos, recreational arcades, bars…), A3 or redemption machines (casinos and recreational arcades), A4 or interlinked machines with Andalusian server (casinos, bingo halls, arcades and bars, cafeterias…), B1 or cash prize machines (casinos, bingo halls, gaming arcades and bars, cafeterias…), B2 or interlinked machines (casinos and gaming arcades), B3 or machines for gaming arcades (casinos also), B4 or machines for bingo halls (casinos also), and C type or machines only for casinos. The number of units allowed in each facility is likewise established. New regulations also oblige the owner of establishments in which machines are already operating, to request an additional administrative permit in order to be able to install a terminal of the future scratch lottery, which means to say that official regulations are imposing restrictions on lotteries, thus favouring the private regional industry.


The 4 gaming machines associations Andemar, Acomar, Europer and Grecojoc of Cataluña (Catalonia) have joined forces in a new federation. This Federation, known as FECAM, represents the interests of both the sector’s businessmen and the companies operating recreational machines and arcades with gaming units (with and without cash prizes). A necessary improvement in a region that has so far been characterized by scattered associations, this Federation represents, basically, a step forward that strengthens their stand before the Administration.


The Annex Law of the Finance Act of the Autonomous Community of Valencia for 2006 includes some improvements for cafeteria and restaurant businesses, aimed at softening the possible negative impact of the future scratch lottery terminals. In line with this, establishments authorized to install recreational and/or gaming machines – bars, cafeterias, restaurants, pubs…- will only be allowed to exploit those terminals if authorized by the Regional Finance Ministry.

New Model

Manufacturer UNIDESA, part of the CIRSA corporation, has just launched a new B-type machine model in the Spanish market. The Vikingos is a modern machine of mechanical wheels but, funnily enough, not including video. The headquarters of this corporation are in Terrassa, so presentations, which also involve extensive promotional actions, started in Catalonia and are still going on all over the country.


According to figures released by analysts of 50 companies from all over Spain, the B-type machines with highest takings in January were the following: Lejano Oeste (Far West), produced by Bally and distributed by Recreativos Costa Cálida; El Tesosro de Tutankamon (The Treasure of Tutankamon) in second place, Bowling in third place and El Tesoro de la Pirámide (The Pyramid Treasure) in fourth place; all manufactured by Recreativos Franco and distributed by Codere; fifth in takings is the Luxor model by Gigames and distributed by Comdibal.