MERKUR GAMING innovations triumph at „Torremolinos Expo“ 2006 in Spain

Malaga/Espelkamp. MERKUR GAMING’s presentation at the „Torremolinos Expo“ 2006 (Andalusian Gaming and Gambling Trade Show) in Malaga/Spain from 8 to 10 March 2006 proved extremely successful. At the stand of the partner Sente S.A. MERKUR GAMING once more presented stunning innovative entertainment.

The focus was mainly on the revolution from Gauselmann, „Cashline Platino“ shown for the first time in Spain. „Cashline Platino“ is the fifth successful model from the famous cashline series; and the new success story includes improved and novel features again. In addition to the new appealing upright cabinet offering the player more convenience thanks to its ergonomic shape, mainly the new LED-technology of this gaming machine is captivating. „The main advantage of the multicolor or LED-technology is an increased player bond because of the fascinating light effects such as color changes of various colors and high brilliance that are now possible,“ explains Axel Pawlas, CSO of MERKUR GAMING. Simultaneously, the LED-technology convinces operators because of its economic benefits such as lower energy consumption, almost unlimited lifetime, reduced maintenance, conservation of the hardware elements due to less heat in the interior of the machine, and coupled to it major economies of operating an air conditioning-system. In total, the LED-technology contributes to reducing the energy costs by 50% as compared to machines with conventional light technology.

Next to „Cashline Platino“ MERKUR GAMING also displayed the popular „Magic Sphinx“ with its pioneering LED-technology in Spain.

With the launch of the LED-technology Gauselmann has already enthused many of its customers in other countries and has set a new benchmark for AWP machines. Thus, the Gauselmann Group once again demonstrated its concentrated development know-how and underlined impressively its leadership in setting trends for innovative technologies. The development of the LED-technology also proves the many decades of experience of the Gauselmann Group in placing the emphasis on innovative products, which are closely oriented toward the needs of the markets. Thus, the Gauselmann Group offers the customers top-quality machines with optimum customer focus. The visible symbol for it is that to date the Gauselmann Group is still the only company in the German amusement machine industry to be certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2000.

Therefore, Rolf Klug, member of the Board of Merkur pillar international of the Gauselmann Group, is convinced to be able to tie in „Cashline Platino“ with the overwhelming success of the existing cashline machines. A similar statement was made by Felix Hernán, owner of Sente S.A., who was delighted about the impressive echo of the operators to the Malaga trade show.

In addition to the trade show exhibit together with the partner Sente S.A. for the first time MERKUR GAMING also had its own stand in Malaga, in order to show visitors MERKUR GAMING’s philosophy of „one stop shopping“ hands-on. Exhibits included the „Merkur Roulette“ specifically developed for the Spanish market, touchscreen products, internet systems, and last but not least the successful air hockey „Merkur Typhoon“.

The MERKUR GAMING product range was completed together with a additional Spanish partner, MGA that among others showed the new simulator for children “Space Copter” for the first time in Spain. The offer also included the kids’ touchscreen „Happy Kids“ and further products from the kids’ entertainment offering such as kids’ carousels.

All in all Axel Pawlas took a very positive stock: „Not only the excellent atmosphere but also the job orders that we could collect contributed to the success of the Malaga trade show.“

Under the umbrella of MERKUR INTERNATIONAL, MERKUR GAMING is responsible for the Europe-wide sales of Merkur within the globally active Gauselmann Group. In 2005 the compound business volume of the Gauselmann Group companies totaled EUR 1.044b, with fully consolidated revenues of EUR 686m. At the end of the fiscal year 2005 the headcount of the company was 5,625 worldwide and ever since its inception has sold more than 2 million gaming products around the globe. Almost 700 game developers worldwide work on gaming design, mathematics, graphics, and quality management and thus underline the innovative capabilities and the competence of the Gauselmann Group.