North West govt waits for ruling on casino licence

The North West government is anxiously awaiting a ruling from the minister of trade and industry, which will determine if they can recoup the loss of the Morula Sun Casino licence.

The loss came as a result of the recent changes to provincial borders. Under the new redemarcation laws, the Morula Sun Hotel was incorporated into Gauteng province, and the casino licence was part of the move.

Darkey Africa, the provincial MEC for economic development and tourism, says the gambling industry, especially casino operations, remains a major source of income for the province, and impacts directly on its socio-economic development plans.

According to the North West Gambling Board, investment from casino businesses is worth more than R2.2 billion and has over the past two to three years, contributed more than R200 million in revenue, and created more than 3 600 job opportunities.

The minister’s decision is only expected next month.