Inside Red Rock Casino

Gaming fuels our economy and the Strip isn’t the only place seeing growth. Neighborhood casinos have become big business in our area and the much anticipated opening of Red Rock Casino proves that when it comes to luxury one local family is making sure customers are taken care of.

We started the tour on the casino floor where the slot machines and table games may look typical. But what defies convention is the natural light spilling into the space. Speaking of natural light, the visionaries behind this whole project stepped in as guides.

Frank and Lorenzo Fertita are the owners and designers. While overlooking the pool, which is the centerpiece of the property, they explained how important it was for them to make this resort like no other.

„We wanted to do something new and fresh and contemporary and we wanted it to fit into the surrounding area, “ explains Frank.

With the hotel tower reflecting its surroundings, the Fertita brothers know aesthetics are important, but they say not more important than the 2,600 employees hired to run the place. „Customer service is obviously key. Happy employees shine through to the customer. Come here and have a good time. Take care of the customer,“ says Lorenzo.

Of course it doesn’t hurt if that customer can sip champagne by a beautiful bar or kick back with a cocktail by a fire. If you’re looking to stay the night you won’t have to look far to be pampered. They have 45 suites for now, but there is nothing average about their standard room. With LCD televisions in the bathroom and a place to dock your i-Pod, modern luxury awaits.

The new property located at the 215 and Charleston opens to the public Tuesday night.