This casino will really make an entrance!

Architect David Matthews has found a mind-bending job for one man working on fitting out the Isle of Capri casino at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

The worker has started an eight-month project to fix large pebbles into a dramatic 70-ft high waterfall spanning three floors of the casino.

The 30-ft wide wall will stretch from the a la carte Farradday’s restaurant past the entrance to the underground casino’s main gaming floor.

Mr Matthews said: „The pebbles are set in waterproof mortar in steel trays then assembled into the wall. In order for the pattern to run, one person has to do the job,“ he said.

The worker, based in Kent, has already begun his task. „It’s going to take that person eight months,“ said Mr Matthews.

„He started back in December or January and we’re probably going to have to get him some psychiatric treatment when he’s finished!“

Yesterday, Mr Matthews unveiled a model showing how the casino entrance would look, whatever size the casino eventually is.

The Isle of Capri is fitting out the largest casino possible under current laws while waiting to see if Coventry wins the race to pilot Britain’s first super-casino.

It’s spending GBP 7 million on the lavish entrance.

People will descend to the gaming floor down escalators, past the pebble waterfall, across a glass floor above a pool of water to more escalators while Caribbean images of fish and sunshine are projected on to walls to create a holiday atmosphere.

London-based architects Carey Jones are working with an American firm based in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

They’re even shipping 27-ft high mummified palm trees all the way from California.

The smaller casino – with restaurant, sports bar, show bar, sushi bar and a TradeWinds restaurant with pizza, noodles and a Starbucks cafe – could be open by the end of the year.

It will have a private gaming room for high-rollers placing large bets on table games such as poker, and 20 slot machines in the more public area.

If Coventry gets the go-ahead for a super-casino with up to 1,250 slot machines, Mr Matthews said the remaining space could be fitted out in six months.