The German Constitutional Court will make its decision on sports betting before the start of the FIFA World Cup 2006

Following the German Constitutional Court’s (hereinafter, BVerfG) oral hearing on November 8th on the constitutionality of the state sports betting monopoly (we reported on this issue in the 08/05 edition of Betting-Law-News) the BVerfG has announced that it will make its decision before the end of March.

As we reported in the 08/05 edition of Betting-Law-News, at the very beginning of this long awaited oral hearing BVerfG Judge Prof Byrde (the senate reporter) stated: „I am sure that bets will also be taken on the outcome of these proceedings.“

Although die-hard experts themselves had been counting on a decision of the BVerfG coming after the World Cup because of its great economic significance, the day on which this betting event will take place is now certain.

According to an BVerfG press release (No. 15/2006 dated 6 March 2006) the First Senate of the Constitutional court will announce its decision in the „Sports betting“ proceedings based on the oral hearing of November 8th 2005 on Tuesday, 28th March 2006 at 10 O’Clock in the conference room of the Constitutional court Schlo├čbezirk 3, 76131 Karlsruhe.

Persons interesting in attending the announcement of the decision, please apply to:

Herrn Oberamtsrat Kambeitz
Postfach 1771, 76006 Karlsruhe
Fax: 0721 9101-461